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OpenStack Summit Barcelona 2016


OpenStack Summit in Barcelona is now officially over. The Summit happened between October 25 and 28th in Barcelona, Spain.

This being my first Summit, I was excited about what to see and who I would meet during the conference 4 days.  The fact that I had the chance to deliver two presentations alongside my team members.

Since this was the  OpenStack Summit, we could not go on without, well having  OpenStack, so we brought one own. And it was great ! With us this year, we brought the Dell EMC VxRack Neutrino, a hyperconverged turn-key OpenStack solution. Neutrino really shined during the Summit as more and more Stackers were curious wether or not we  really had a running rack or just a gimmick blinking lights. For folks who are still wondering, we did have the real deal with running workloads on it.

Presentations –

With all of the activities during the Summit, it was hard to see all of them while on site, but I did manage to attend a few of them while also presenting.

Without further ado, here’s what I’ve presented and also some of the interesting presentations that I saw:

Accelerate the OpenStack RCA with Kibana and ElasticSearch (Details)

During this presentation, me and David Sanchez went on to talk about how difficult it is for teams and OpenStack practioners to fully have a Root Cause Analysis (RCA), in time and in a reproducible fashion. We’ve delve  the different aspects of a successful RCA and also how to move from the firefighting mode into a more proactive one.

Troubleshooting Neutron – Physical and Virtual (Details)

In this presentation we’ve went through two real scenarios of troubleshooting Neutron, showing the different components involved by following the data traffic trought the network.

Hands-On Workshops –

Hands-On Workshop: Learn About Microservices Architectures with Docker Swarm, Etcd, Kuryr, Neutron (Details)

    This hands-on workshop was presented by Fawad Khaliq from PLUMgrid who essentially did a great job explaining how Microservices work through theory and examples. During the course of this workshop, Fawad showed showed how one would increase and decrease a swarm cluster and how Docker networking and OpenStack Neutron interface through Kuryr.

Neutron Ninja 101: A Hands-On Workshop with Neutron Networking (Details)

    Becoming a Ninja seems very challening, but Phil Hopkins did a great job here to ensure that we would get there. This presentation was packed with good content and Phil was able to drive the conversation by making sure we all had the necessary networking and Linux foundation. I truly enjoyed his style of presenting and his very clear and concise examples. To my surprise, the last set of slides on this workshop were related to explaing some of the more complex aspects of the OpenStack overlay networking, which as great as our Troubleshooting Neutron: Physical and Virtual Networks presentation started right at this point.

A final cherry-on-top-of-the-cake moment happened after this presentation as I met James Denton whose book, Learning OpenStack Networking (Neutron), was mentioned as a excelent source of reference during our presentation.FullSizeRender.jpg

The highlight of an event like this must be the opportunity one has to meet with fellow Stackers and share stories, knowledge and experience. It’s the whole conversation that happens between the presentations and 1×1 engagement with others.

Happy to have the opportunity to travel to the Summit. See you next time.