This is a personal blog of Diego Casati (mainly) on Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Systems Engineering. These are, in my opinion, the things that make computing dynamics a very interesting topics these days.


I’m currently working as a Senior Software Engineer within Microsoft’s Commercial Software Engineering division  where I have the privilege to interact with various engineering teams, helping customers to get the most out of their computing systems.

Prior to to my current role, I’ve worked in the Telecom and IT industries as a Network Engineer, Systems Engineer, Customer Support Engineer,  Systems Integration Engineer, Web Security Specialist and Corporate Systems Engineer.

I’m passionate about what I do and this Blog is in a way my approach to knowledge sharing and so say thank you to those who helped me along the way. I hope you enjoy your time around here.

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The views and opinions expressed anywhere on this site are mine and do not reflect the opinions and views of Microsoft its divisions or partners.